Three friends, with a passion for beauty, who dream to create a project which venerates femininity softness.
A team effort where vision and aspiration intertwine.

Like the choice of  VIABRERA, a brand which represents the very essence of elegance and refinement. Where thausand of true loves have bloomed and continue to flourish day by day. Where “feeling” means to embrace with the whole of your heart.

Like the choice to propose a jewellery collection which can be assembled to compose a personalized accessory.

Where the center of the collection has been chosen the Heart, the symbol of “passion”, that is in each of us.

manifested in so many ways: from the love for your family, or for your pets. From spiritual beliefs, to values at the core of our existence. To the most frivolous passions that brighten our days.

Every Heart, on both sides, features figures or symbols which symbolize our passions: one side in relief, the other in intaglio.

With these HEARTS you can create infinite combinations by attaching  them to one of our many two-strand BRACELETS made in differing materials and various colors.

Each bracelet features our exclusive Sterling Silver CLASP with the VIABRERA logo, giving an air of uniqueness, preciousness and recognition of the bracelet you are wearing.

THE HEARTS OF VIABRERA, an emblematic jewellery collection, a story which you create yourself, to exalt your senses.